Thursday, 4 June 2015

Stage make up basics

Stage 1 - Get the foundations correct.

Your overall stage presence is as much a part of being judged in fitness and bodybuilding as the sculpted body. You've spent months dieting, exercising, lifting, getting the perfect bikini, posing practice so you don't want your make-up to let you down.

If like me you know next to nothing about going about creating that finished look for stage I asked Samantha Davidge for her top tips on looking your best on the day. And as with everything else, it requires good preparation. Here are her top tips for getting stage made up.

  • Firstly moisturize your face as normal, then apply a good makeup base or foundation primer.  This has the effect of smoothing out pores and blurring wrinkles as well as creating a barrier between the makeup and your skin. This way your skin won't just absorb your makeup and dehydrate.
  • Colour correct. As flash photography and stage lights go straight through the foundation layer it is important to disguise any problem areas. Use the theory of colour opposition to cancel out blemishes.
  •  Create dimension in the T-zone with highlighting in the T-Zone. Because your tan will be dark highlight with a lighter matt foundation or concealer. Always remember to use matt foundations and go easy on any shimmer make-up as the stage lights make everything sparkly and too much sparkle can make you look greasy.

Samantha advises that you don't blend your face and neck  the same colour or you could end up loosing chin definition on stage. After the depletion and dieting the face can suffer so use makeup to define, plump and smooth the contours of the face to give a youthful look.

  •  Set your T-zone and under eyes with a fair bit of translucent powder and dust off the excess.

  • Apply blusher on the apples of your cheeks. Remember to pick matt colours rather than those with a shimmer.

That's your foundation comes the exciting part.