Sunday, 7 December 2014

WBFF Theme-wear smash!

This year has been a huge wake up call and I have had so much fun with my fledgling bikini business, whilst in this years WBFF also began my journey into themewear. 

First is a woman without whose trust and gentle encouragement has kept me going through Summer...Lisa Tweed. Lisa had a very clear idea of the impression she wanted to make on the WBFF stage. It needed to be classy, strong and knock people off their chairs. Instead of opting for the feathery samba flavoured themewear prevelant on the stage Lisa really wanted to stand out from the crowd. I was so excited when she told me her proposal: a crystal corset and head dress, because it was totally up my street.

Huge congratulations to Kelly Sephton who placed third wearing some of my Lady Amhurst feather wings. Bikini by La Diva. So excited for her and can't wait to see her as she heads into the next year to compete in Denmark.

It all started here.

Hi, and welcome to my new blog specifically dedicated to my bikini and theme-wear interests. Whilst I am sat here designing my new website and setting up let me introduce myself...

I am Chrissie Nicholson-Wild, as an already established corset and lingerie designer I have found myself amidst a totally new crowd of lovely people and they need me and this is how is started...

My good friend Dometria, whom I have been making various costumes and corsets for many years suddenly approached me with a whole new idea. She was entering a body building contest.....say what? ( I thought: visons of Brigit Neilson and Arnold Swarzenegger in 1980's cult that a thing?)

Turns out it IS a thing, a big thing. And a few years later, after being introduced to a bevy of lovely and dedicated athletes and a huge amount of encouragement I find myself starting a new business, and loving every second of it.

Chrissie X