Sunday, 13 March 2016

How to stick down your bikini

Ever wondered how the pro's suits stay exactly where they want, and need, them?

Read on!

Of course, when it comes to bikini and knicker slippage we are all aware of how uncomfortable and embarrassing that can be....but if it happens on stage under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you try to yoink! your bum back in place....

Having your suit made to fit you exactly goes a long way to prevent this from happening, but if you have particularly developed assets no bikini can resist the power of gravity and friction......unless you absolutely stick-it-the-hell-down!

Where to stick it!

So, here are your choices:

The most popular product by far is Pro Tan's Bikini Bite:
All of my clients swear by this product, it rolls on (you can also get a spray version), you stick the bikini on it and hold until dry. From then on in DO NOT TOUCH, otherwise you risk releasing the bond.
It's also really easy to get hold of, just google it for price comparisons.
Or here are some handy links:
Cardiff Sports Nutrition

Here's how you stick it on:

Getting it off is another will be most successful with a toothbrush, a super mild fabric detergent and some elbow grease.
Please do not scrub the outer of your suit as you will find that it destroys the shiny fabrics and crystal finishes.

You can also use double sided tape, it does exactly the same job, and could be easier to remove as it should in theory pull off after you're done with it. People have used anything from 3D carpet tape ( read that right) to toupee and fashion tape...make sure you get the extra strength one.

Of course there are other similar products available, and I would like to know if you use others and how successful they are. 

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